TX2-BTH | FM Transmitter

High Efficiency RF

The new BTH are Compact FM Transmitters-Amplifiers with high efficiency touch screen based on the last generation of RF Devices that greatly increases the total equipment efficiency and reliability reducing dimension and weight. The power supply modules are hot plug-in for un easy and fast service. The touch screen display grant an easy and fast access to all the setting and parameters. The BLUE technology represents the new set of innovative ideas implemented by "CTE Digital Broadcast" both for TV and FM transmitters: energy saving, small footprint, compact design, low operating cost, long-life duration are the most important benefits granted for a more sustainable broadcasting.



  • Low operating cost is achieved basically by: immediate access to all the components including air cooling filters; the very high MTBF both for RF modules and power supply modules.
  • Compact dimensions reduce transport costs and greatly simplify the relating logistics.
  • High frequency stability is granted by Digital PLL including low drift VCTCXO.
  • WEB SERVER SNMP, GSM or SMS remote control are available as options.
  • Complete Remote Control via WiFi by WiFi Touch, available as an option.
  • 10MHz External Reference Oscillator, available as an option.
  • The BLUE SERIES meets or exceeds all the International standards for safety and electrical specifications.



  • Stereo Generator: Advanced built-in digital stereo encoder grants >65dB typical separation.
  • Signal to Noise ratio: the >80dB value sets the new frontiers about audio quality.
  • Input sensitivity and output deviation: easily adjustable by 0,05dB precision steps from the front panel display or remotely by Web interface.
  • Pilot Tone: both level and phase are adjustable both from the front panel and by Web interface.
  • AES/EBU: digital audio stereo input available as an option.
  • Adjustable Modulation Limiter keeps the maximum frequency deviation in compliance with international requirements. Limiter levels can be set from the front panel.
  • Switch-mode Power Supply with power factor control. Greatly over-rated power supply modules ensure low heating, low power consumption and top reliability. The power factor control circuitry meets the International requirements to eliminate mains network disturbances.
  • Effective Cooling System: the temperature on the heat-sinks increases about 10°C only above ambient temperature, even in transmission sites with very heavy climate conditions.


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