200 - 600 COMPACT

200 - 600 COMPACT

In a compact 2U or 3U Rack, and with 2 power supplies, Transmitter delivers up to 650W rms (COFDM: DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb) and up to 750 rms (ATSC) of high efficiency digital output power or up to 1200W p.s. when operating with analogue signals. Transmitter is available in two version, 2U rack and 3U rack and it’s fully supporting DVB-T/H/T2, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB/DAB+/TDMB, ATSC, PAL or NTSC modulation with native adaptive pre-correction circuits, built in GPS/ GLONASS receiver for accurate synchronization and SFN operations, and multiple input interfaces (Satellite Receiver, ASI, Gigabit Ethernet or RF) so to be configured as Terrestrial or Satellite fed transmitter or even transposer.

For the ISDB-Tb market, CTE DB compact transmitter is today the only solution in the market combining Satellite Receiver, Re-Multiplexer/Layer Combiner/TS to BTS (188 to 204 byte) converter and Transmitter in a single box.


• Compact 2U or 3U 19”Rack chassis.

• Output Power up to 650W rms (COFDM), up to 750W rms (ATSC) or up to 1200W p.s. (analogue)

• High efficiency broadband or 120MHz Band (15 channels @8MHz, 20 channels @6MHz) amplifier technology

• Built in ASI/RF matrix for automatic switch over, without the need of using an external switch over unit

• DVB-T/H/T2, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB/DAB+/T-DMB, ATSC, PAL, NTSC modulations fully supported

• Embedded Re-Multiplexer/Layer Combiner/TS to BTS (188 to 204 byte) converter for ISDB-Tb

• Adaptive pre-correction circuits

• On-board high stability GPS / GLONASS receiver with battery

• Flexible input interfaces:

  - 4 x ASI inputs (TS, BTS, T2MI, SMPTE-310M) + Analog input

  - 2 x ASI inputs and 2 x Gigabit Ethernet

  - 1 x DVB-S/S2 Satellite Receiver input

  - 1 x RF input


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