These dipole antennas are rugged broadband aerials especially designed for arrays composed by several elements.


The dipole model DIP11 is made of Inox to provide high corrosion resistance, for a lifetime duration and operation in any climate conditions. A thick internal ground connection across the feeding line ensures heavy duty service and protection in case of lightning.

The design of the internal lines and the PTFE insulator provide reliability and long lasting operation for power ratings up to 1,5kW on the DIP11 model: For the DIP15 model, made in zincate steel, the power rate is up to 5kW.


The aluminium dipole PLS1 model is a smart, effective and budget solution. An accurate testing process is carried out at our factory on each of these dipoles to control the compliance with all the stated figures.


These advanced panel antennas are successfully used in high power antenna system arrays. The dipole is made in Stainless steel whereas the reflector is in zincate steel.


The standard application of the panel antenna is to be mounted on one side of the transmitting tower for radiating systems with directional coverage.


Whenever a circular pattern on a large area should be achieved, four antennas can be mounted in correspondence of the four sides of the transmitting tower.


Accurate testing processes are carried out at factory on each antenna to control the compliance with all the stated figures.


These antennas have been designed to obtain circularly polarized radiant patterns, for low and medium output power FM radio transmitters.


For easy and low cost transportation, the PLC4 models are disassembled and duly packed. The PLC5 model is factory tuned onto any channels in the band 87.5-108 MHz according to customer’s requests.


PLC4 are realized in stainless steel.


Due to the higher dimensions and to reduce excessive weight of antenna system, PLC4-H (high power antennas) are realized in aluminium covered by a special paint treatment, for heavy duty service and long lasting.


These wideband directional antennas are available in two versions with 3 or 5 elements, both of them in stainless steel. They are especially designed for medium and high output power transmitters.


The robust design of these antennas make them suitable for any climate conditions and lifetime duration, high quality and selected materials have been used in any details: all insulator are made of PTFE.


The metallic parts are electrically grounded. The ADR3 model is also available for 140-174MHz band and 174-215Mhz.  These aerials can be disassembled in two parts for lower shipping cost.



The DCF series are filters realized in one-quarter wavelength coaxial cavities, designed and manufactured according to high quality standards conceived for 87,5÷108MHz band.


By using a bandpass double cavity installed between transmitter and antenna they drastically reduce spurious signals, besides other intermodulation products.


DCF’s and TCF’s double and triple cavity filters respectively are provided with rotating knobs to allow easy tuning of the circuit for different sideband attenuation and with a variable coupling.


The startpoint combining filters are pre-set at our labs, on the frequency required by customers.


Even at 100% modulation, they assure a good separation for adjacent frequencies up to 2MHz.


They are composed of two or more coaxial cavity filters connected to rigid lines all of them equipped with arrow band input lines.


Combiners for low frequency separation and high RF power, floor standing or placed in 19” racks, can be designed by our technical department.


The “double bridge” combining filters allow easy changes to new operating frequencies.


Even at 100% modulation, they can satisfactory separate two adjacent frequencies up to 2MHz.


They are composed by two different double cavity filters and two hybrid couplers, including narrow band and wide band input lines.


Combiners for low frequency separation and high RF power will be designed on request by our technical department.


These power dividers are available for any RF output power with 50ohm impedance (or 75ohm request).


They can be supplied with any connector or flange, according to user requirements and for every need regarding the number of outputs.


Our power dividers are broadband from 87,5 to 108 MHz and 22MHz bandwidth.


The typical insertion loss is from 0,2 to 0,5dB. The device icludes insulator in PTFE. The body of the device is treated and covered by a special paint for long life duration in any climate conditions.


Power dividers for other frequency ranges are available on request.

For more technical specifications of all these products, please download the file here