The ACS N+1 is a control unit dedicated to transmission equipment and transponder FM / TV. Its main purpose is to automatically replace the faulty equipment with another equipment with the same features and setting.

This changeover is implemented through the coaxial relays. In systems where the receiver is not provided, the receivers coaxial relays are replaced with an Audio Matrix to exchange the baseband. the coaxial relay dedicated to the receivers is not terminated with a standard 50 Ohm load, but with an att enuator connected to the TX1 RF probe that can be used for a testing purposes. This connection does not affect in any way the normal state of the system because it operates only when the reserve system is on standby.

The advantage of this solution are:

1. TX reserve can be test on power even when connected to the dummy load, even remotely.

2. test the RX reserve with a confirm of the TS field even remotely

3. In case of switchover, the faulty receiver on the load can be tested in after setting the correct frequency.

Reset the frequency after the test. The connection is not mandatory and can be removed at any time.


This NEW Change-Over unit is designed for management of systems in configurations up to 6+1. By means of a parallel interface, the Change-Over unit constantly monitors diff erent receiving/transmitting parameters of the system, along with the positi on feedback of the coaxial switches. The definition of the program to be used for the reserve equipment, is implicitly set by the position of the base-band relay switches, and/or by the received RF figure.

To provide both local and remote users with accurate information about the operational figures of the monitored units, an Ethernet connection is available at the radio reception end in the system.

The local interface is based on graphical touch-screen display, where a clear synoptic view of the monitored system is available. To deploy the remote control function, RS232, parallel interface, SNMP and WEB server are available.