The mainframe CT-MFR/2 is the core of our high-density platform. By means of the Linux OS and 6 independent slots, the device can be set according to the current or future needs and is able to operate with any type of input:

A/V, HD-SD/SDI, ASI, BTS, GbE, E1/T1, SPMTE310M; it carries signals at any frequency from 2 up to 23GHz in all the possible configurations: Split-Mount (IDU+ODU), Full In Door (IDU) or Mobile versions with Single-carrier (QPSK÷256QAM) and Multi-channel (COFDM) modulations, selectable by the operator.

The Mainframe detects and automatically adjusts the functions of each card placed inside the 19’’ 1U rack and displays the features on the front panel OLED display and/or through web GUI.

The unit can be equipped with supply sections, hot-swappable as well, both AC and DC, by an internal digital matrix which allows the use of cards in any position without external wiring. By our software suite CT-MST, users can manage, configure and control the parameters of each card either locally or remotely through connections as SNMP, TCP/IP and GSM/GPRS.


• Embedded Linux OS

• Complete modular system

• RTC for temporal reference

• Internal memory to store eventual alarms

• 6 slots to install any boards

• Colour front panel control

• Complete web Management